Better Bus Challenge - Pitch Day

Better Bus Challenge - Pitch Day

21 Jul 2018
Bangalore, India

About the Event

The Better Bus Pitch Day was held on July 21, 2018 in Bengaluru where the Cohort - Ridlr, Shuttl, Cityflo, Cell Propulsion, Next Drive Electric and Svingo, Small Sparks Concepts, Vahanalytics, iX Energy Private Limited, Capte, Via Transportation, Urban Stack, Intelytica - presented their solutions and pilot proposals to an eminent jury panel.


During the half day event, each team’s presentation was followed by a gruelling session of questions and answers with the jury members. The jury comprised of: Ms Revathy Ashok, Mr Prasanna Patwardhan, Prof Shivanand Swamy, Mr Tomin Thachankary, Mr K.R. Jyothilal, Dr Ekroop caur, Mr Amit Bhatt, Mr Prasanna Ganesh, Mr Suvendu Choudhury and Mr Sanjay Anandaram.


The jury selected three winning solutions - Small Sparks Concepts, Cityflo, Cell Propulsion. These These include tools and service models to improve operational efficiency, improve commuter experience and systems to support the transition to electric buses, respectively. Each winner received a financial grant of USD 50,000 to demonstrate their projects in identified Indian cities. The grant amount is further supplemented with mentorship from WRI India, who is collaborating with transit agencies to pilot the selected projects in the coming year.